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  1. What happens if your mental health issues are holding you back from accessing Counselling?

     I believe it is very important that individuals receive easily accessible Counselling whatever life throws at them especially when mental health struggles or invisible illness have you in their grip often making it harder to function on a daily basis, perhaps getting out of the house has become difficult or getting dressed and organised for example, making accessing Counselling in the community a struggle.  The other issue is the NHS waiting lists, leaving people who need Counselling within a week or two having to wait up to 18 months! 

    When needs must, private Telephone Counselling can really help to make therapy quick and easy to access during these hard times, giving you a non-judgmental space to speak your truth, from the comfort of home and can really benefit those who struggle with leaving the house, or those who feel socially anxious or struggle with eye contact etc.  

    I can help with various forms of anxiety, depression and panic attacks with an approach called Brief Solution Focused Therapy which allows us to work, gently with current issues and remarkably swiftly towards your desired outcomes for therapy.   

    Whatever your issue or concern, I am here to support your unique journey, providing a safe and supportive space, to inspire growth, healing and transformation.


    Telephone Counselling has many benefits, not only for those who may find it difficult to attend regular Counselling in the community for whatever reason but also for those who don't wish to put their life on hold for longer than necessary. 

    Therapy usually lasts for about an hour, but if you include travel time (perhaps arranging childcare) and parking etc that would normally be the case with traditional counselling in the community then it can take up as much as half a day, valuable time right!? and let’s face it, we're all pretty time poor these days right?!  

    Luckily with remote therapy (phone or online) once the therapeutic hour is up, you're done and you can back to whatever it is you need to do without wasting your precious time travelling from a to b!