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Telephone Counselling is therapeutic counselling also known as talk-therapy, delivered remotely by landline, mobile phone or an internet enabled device; i.e. smart phone, tablet or PC.  We tend to think of telephone counselling as an audio method however it can include a visual element via video call platform although this is often referred to as either a video call or online. Click here to learn more …

If working via a phoneline; it is the Client who makes the call.  This put the Client in control of attending their session much like in conventional Counselling in the community, it is the Client that choses to walk through the door or not, as the case may be. 

If working online; via a link then you just press the call link button in the appoitment at the agreed time of your session and I'll let you into the virtual meeting room at the scheduled time. 

Telephone Counselling online just means the call is done via an online platform with an internet enabled device.  If you book a telephone counselling session you will need to let me know that you'd prefer to work online so that I can send you a link and details prior to the session, you won't need a camera for this way of working, so you will simply press the green call button at the time of your appointment.  

If you book an online video call session, I will send out a link prior to your session.  For a video call, you will need a Wi-Fi connection & a working camera on your device. Bear in mind that you will need adequate lighting when making the call and somewhere stable to balance your device.  At the time of the call simply click the link or press the video call button.  

Simply go to the |SERVICES| or |CONTACT| page via the menu or one of the links in this website.  Fill out the contact form and request an appointment, if the first contact it's usually an INITIAL CONSULTATION.  Let me know if your availability is flexible or limited (if the later, please specify morning, afternoon or evening).  Please note:  My appointments are offered in respect of current availability and within my working schedule which is Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays.   

As a guide Clients usually work with me from around 6 to 20 sessions, depending on whether they feel they have reached their therapy goal.  However, I have worked with Clients for less time as well as over a longer-term period too.  In private Counselling it's up to the Client how long they wish to invest in themselves, however I like to help my Clients by setting recognisable markers and working collaboratively towards their therapy goals.  

As of April 2023 fees are as follows;

  • For a 30 minute - Initial consultation by phone - Free 
  • For a 50 minute - Telephone Counselling session by phone or online (audio) £55
  • For a 50 minute - Video Call session (visual) £55
  • For a 50 minute - Session by phone or online in the evening - 7 pm - £60

As of April 2024 there is a surcharge of £5 for Montly & Ad-hock appointments

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Disclaimer: Above; services are exclusive to booking privately via my website.  Prices may vary for my services if booked via a third-party booking system or platform.

I do offer consessions for those referred to me through GAIA, the CIC local community coffee shop.  

If you have been referred by a friend, then, please let me know, so that I can give you and the person who referred you a discounted session. 

If you think you cannot afford the current rate, then please talk to me.  I will work collaboratively with you, to make it more affordable be that within a brief time frame that we agree, or you could consider fortnighly, tri-weekly or monthly sessions, if this is appropriate for your needs. 

I work in accordance with the BACP & GDPR in regards to privacy and confidentiality.

I take Confidentiality seriously and I want you have a positive experience working in with me, so if you need me to be aware of privacy issues in regards to how or when I communicate with you, then please do make me aware so that I can work with you, in order to maintain your confidentiality.

Clients also need to take responsibility to prevent any issues that may affect their own confidentiality, in regards to communication, messages and notifications on mobile and handheld devices especially, as well as telephone calls that can be identified on telephone bills.  I cannot be held responsible for a breach of confidentiality if a third party unintentionally/intentionally read any information or data intended for the client.

Please also be aware that, although I will do my best to protect your privacy, absolute security in the digital world does not exist.


Once we agree to work together, I will send you a working contract which explains more about how confidentiality works.

My availability varies.  If I have availability that suits you, we may be able to arrange a therapy session within a week from our first contact. 

As long as you've had an initial consultation with me then you are free to book in for a one-off session whenever you like. It's helpful for me to know, if you only want a one-off session so that I can work with you in a brief solution focused way.

If you have already enrolled or worked with me previously and just want to book in for a one-off session, this is possible too.   

Yes.  Feel free to call, text or email me.  I am happy to answer any queries you may have. You can find my number by clicking on the Tel:Vicky or Text:Vicky button on the home page or use the contact form click here or make a note of my number which is: 07397072516 and call me when you are ready.