Telephone counselling

What is telephone counselling?


Let’s start with what Counselling or therapy means, be it in person or remote.  Counselling is a service provided by a qualified professional, such as a Counsellor or Psychotherapist with the aim of providing emotional, psychological or behavioural support, as required by the individual couple or group. 


Telephone Counselling quite simply is talk therapy, which is done remotely using a telephone, mobile phone, or online using an internet enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or PC.  Telephone Counselling can be either audio or video format.


I specialise in 'telephone counselling' and refer to it as such, be it by phone or other device, because ‘online counselling’ and those who specialise in ‘online counselling’ may also offer therapy over a written dialogue such as email, text or instant messaging, the later isn’t something I provide.


To clarify the methods by which I work and terms I use, please see the chart below.





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could Telephone Counselling be the answer for you?


  • Travel for business or are working or living aboard
  • Struggle with mobility issues,
  • Have a physical condition or
  • Suffer from chronic fatigue or a hidden illness
  • Have Location, transport or commuting difficulties
  • Are on respite or sick leave
  • Have limited time, (*see telephone Counselling for the time poor, below)


  • Anxious about face to face Counselling and or social situations
  • Depressed making it difficult for various reasons
  • Embarrassed or ashamed, & would prefer if Counselling felt more anonymous
  • It's safer to stay at home during a PANDEMIC or LOCKDOWN especially if SELF-ISOLATING
  • And for anyone else who just likes the idea! 
Counselling for busy man

Telephone Counselling for the time-poor


Telephone Counselling has many benefits, not only for those who may find it difficult to attend regular Counselling in the community for whatever reason but also for those who are time-poor or who don't wish to put their life on hold for longer than necessary, in which case, telephone counselling or remote therapy, can be great solution! 


Therapy usually lasts for about an hour (50 - 60 minutes), but for in-person Counselling you’ll need to consider adding on the travel time, waiting for public transport or parking time. You may need to include the preparation time for arranging childcare and the hand over (I’ve been there, so I know!). This can all take up much of our precious time and let’s face it, we're all pretty time poor these days, so if you can get the therapy you need within your lunch break or whilst the kids are at school for example, it’s a no brainer! 


If telephone or remote counselling appeals to you, why not Telvicky!