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  1. Telephone Counselling opens up a world of possibilities and makes accessing therapy simple and easy! However some people fear that with Telephone Counselling the therapeutic relationship may be affected and be less effective if not sat in the same room as their Counsellor.

    In my experience as a Teletherapist (working remotely with Clients by phone or online) Clients who are able to be in their chosen environment, like from home tend to feel more comfortable, as it can reduce stress caused by getting to and from sessions or anxiety caused by meeting face to face with a therapist for the first time.

    Clients who experience therapy by phone in contrast to face to face or even video call Counselling tend to experience a sense of freedom and ease with this method.

    Clients tend to feel more comfortable relaxed and safe enough to open up about difficult issues. Perhaps not having to see the facial expressions or perceived judgements of another may have something to do with it.

    Freedom of expression is exactly what is needed to explore feelings to begin to understand their meaning and in turn become more self-aware.

    Awareness is key to the process and this is what makes telephone counselling very effective and often at a faster rate than in conventional face to face therapy.

    Remote Counselling has many benefits be it by phone or online however the bonus about therapy by phone (landline, mobile) means there is no need for any fancy equipment, amazing internet speed or adequate lighting and of course the worry about feeling 'camera ready' is eliminated, Phew!

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    Telephone Counselling: is a remote therapy service which traditionally took place on the telephone, however, advancements in telecommunications means that there are a variety of devices, apps and platforms that are now available to deliver talk-therapy making it even easier than ever before to connect to a therapist remotely.

    Telephone Counselling like therapeutic Counselling is where a ‘talk therapist’ meets with a person who wishes to talk through issues or concerns in the attempt to heal emotional pain and resolve personal difficulties in a one off or ongoing longer-term therapeutic relationship. The role of the therapist and the Client remains the same. The difference is the situation which is remote.  In most cases telephone counselling is the term used for auditory remote counselling be that by landline, moblie or online. 

    The umbrella term for any ‘talk therapy’ delivered by telecommunications of any sort is 'telehealth'.  Telehealth services are more widely available than they ever have been before which is mainly since the world health pandemic 2020 -21 where due to the need for people to find alternatives to either offering or accessing services like Counselling which has needed to find alternatives. 

    Platforms like Zoom have become very popular along with Skype and Googlemeet to name a few.  As a Counsellor who specialises in telephone Counselling (the auditory type) I am keen to remind people that if they like the idea of talking online but with the same benefits of auditory Counselling these platforms can be used with the camera turned to off.   This can be a great alternative for those who live abroad or who don't wish to spend money or use up their credit on their mobile.  

    Telephone Counselling is suitable* for a variety of people and situations and makes accessing therapy simple and easy (and in the light of the recent Pandemic a great alternative to in person face to face Counselling).